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Chromebook Exchange

Reported by on 11/19/19

We are pleased to announce that the Scullen chromebook exchange will occur this Thursday morning. Please ensure that your child brings their Chromebook to school in order to receive their new device. Additionally, students will need their school ID in order to ensure a speedy exchange. Please keep your current charger at home, the new Chromebooks will utilize the same charger your child has now, there is no need to return your existing charger.

Your child’s new Chromebook will not initially have a case, as the dimensions of the new device are different. HP is providing high quality cases to protect the new model Chromebooks at no cost, but delivery will not occur until after winter break. This new case will be provided at no cost.

Until then, here a few reminders about your child’s Chromebook. Chromebooks are one of the District’s digital tools for learning. Similar to other learning tools, this is a great opportunity to discuss care and use of electronics with your child. Included below are a few key tips to keep your child’s Chromebook damage-free that we will be revisiting with your child, and encourage you to partner in the conversation:

A Chromebook is assigned to your child and should be used only by your child.
Chromebooks should be stored at room temperature and not in extreme temperatures.
The Chromebook should be placed carefully in a backpack, on a shelf, in a locker or carried.
Care should be taken to avoid spills or food from falling on or near the Chromebook.

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